This Affordable and Portable Stress Reliever is All You Need

This has been my go-to friend for the past few days – and I’m hooked. For anyone who has encountered the high-strung, always stressed, pedantic, unstable and frazzled person that I am, you’ll pity my coworkers… and my boyfriend. With my crazy mood swings and inability to deal with pressure and stress, I am the worst.

When Daytime Revive landed on my desk, admittedly I was suspicious. Is there really something that will “calm” my hideous nerves and mind? Will it really give me more energy than a 3 o’clock double shot espresso? Yes – yes, it will.

A small amount stress can be beneficial for you. It makes you have more drive and ambition in your career. But when it accumulates, these expectations can severely overwhelm us and cause us to feel like we’re constantly on the verge of an embarrassing meltdown. You know, like Jennifer Lawrence’s crazy freak out at the diner in Silver Linings.

Causes of stress differ from person to person. For me, apartment hunting together with the sheer thought of my work load gets my heart racing even though I know that I’ll eventually get through it one by one.

Taking 3-4 doses of 5 drops under the tongue 5 minutes apart brings me to a level of zen. Within 5-10 minutes, I’m calm like Buddha and amiable and pleasant to work with (I’d like to think I am).

Remember, stress literally makes you sick – according to a recent Forbes article, “workplace stress may contribute to over 120,000 deaths each year. Anxiety about employment could potentially kill more Americans than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or the flu every year.”

I don’t really need any more reasons to reduce my stress levels because feeling good and relaxed at work is enough for me. I’m way more calm and I don’t need to rely on my 3 o’clock dose of sugar or caffeine to perk me up, only to make my energy levels crash soon after. Also, we’ve all seen that sugar documentary. Sugar is bad, bad, bad.

If you’re one who is in dire need of relaxing, these drops are the solution. It also supports the nervous system, assist your energy levels, soothe your nerves, balance your mood and calm the mind. Basically, it helps you feel good and confident to glide through the day. It’s such an understated value of life.


Daytime REVIVE 30ml


If you need anymore convincing, here’s some facts about how stress is basically killing you.

In a recent Atlantic article explained how “when you’re stressed, the adrenal glands ramp up the release of the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. Adrenaline speeds up your heart rate and can raise blood pressure. Cortisol causes changes in the blood vessels that can, over time, increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, the brain relays the stress signals to the gut, which changes up its routine to allow your body to focus on the stressor.”

If you experience chronic stress from your job or some other aspect of your life, it will eventually cause damage on your body and mind. Some side effects include acne, hair loss, muscle tension, fatigue, irritability, and shorter life spans. “Cortisol increases appetite and prompts the body to put on deep-belly fat. That fat releases compounds called cytokines, which in turn raise the risk of developing chronic diseases.” When it’s chronic, it dampens the functioning of your immune system – it will slow healing times and make you more vulnerable to infection.

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