This is the Male-Dominated Industry That Prefers Women Over Men

The financial service industry – a notoriously male dominated boy’s club. But not anymore, women are in demand.

Financial Advisory firms are seeking for more women to join the industry as “they are able to offer an alternative to a mostly male biased profession,” says Hans, one of the founding partners of Camelot. “From experience gained over 25 years,  I know that many clients often prefer to deal with a female who can offer sound, practical advice through clear and incisive thinking and offering realistic recommendations in a professional manner.”

Camelot’s team has 52 people including 22 male and 7 female advisers spread across nine centres throughout New Zealand and are seeking for more female advisers to come on board. In the financial service industry, family responsibilities don’t hinder the ambition of a successful career but rather provide benefits as women are empathetic and understand other’s perspectives. “Women excel at building and developing relationships, inspiring people, collaborating and working in teams,” says Toni, Camelot’s Compliance Manager.

Often times, mother’s will sacrifice either their time spent with family for a successful career or vice versa. However, in the role as a Financial Adviser, both can be managed harmoniously without conflict.

For mothers and wives that are thinking about a career change that values work-life balance, rewards, no limit to income potential and staff benefits, the financial service industry might be the choice for you.

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