This Is The Oil That Burns Fat (Move Over Coconut Oil)

Medium-chain triglyceride oil, known as MCT oil is the amazing product that are always hyped on Instagram by gym junkies and models. Byrdie reports that this oil helps you maintain a healthy weight by reducing fat storages, boosting your energy and improving your digestion and makes you feel full.

The medium-chain triglycerides are metabolised differently. When MCTs are absorbed into the blood stream, they bypass the regular digestion process that long chain fats go through. This results in a quick boost of energy and they’re less likely to be stores as fat. Byrdie used the analogy of MCT equating to a smoothie and the long chain fats equating to the fruit. Smoothies require less energy to digest than the fruit.

MCT oil acts as a carbohydrate than a fat when it’s metabolised. It also increases in thermogenic effect so that your body burns more calories. All in all, it’s something that you should be adding to your smoothies, meals and coffee.