This is the Sexy New Scent For The Modern Gentleman

The John Varvatos ARTISAN fragrance continues to build on the impact of this highly original lifestyle brand. A fresh, cool and soothing addition to the shaving regimen, the new ARTISAN Aftershave Lotion provides the perfect complement to the ARTISAN fragrance for the modern gentleman.

John Varvatos was closely involved with every step of the development of the ARTISAN fragrance, which bears the imprint of the brand: the finely wrought details, the signature mix of old world craftsmanship, and the sophistication of modern technique.

John’s clothing design often references history as a point of inspiration, creating from it something entirely new. While conceptualizing ARTISAN, he set out to create a fragrance that would embody a sense of craftsmanship yet still exude modernity.

John Varvatos ARTISAN is redolent of the invigorating, untouched smell of nature. Fresh and intriguing, it conveys the freedom of a long summer weekend; the experience of the great outdoors in its purest, simplest form.

New John Varvatos ARTISAN, Aftershave Lotion 125ml RRP$85

Available from selected Farmers, pharmacies and department stores from 1 February 2016.