This Is Why Women Everywhere Will Be Deleting Uber, Including You

Uber – how did we survive before this amazing and convenient app? Despite its insane popularity and success, it has made some customers very uncomfortable, especially women. According to BuzzFeed News, a former Uber customer service representative (CSR) provided screenshots of the Uber database.

A search for “sexual assault” returned 6160 tickets and the search “rape” returned 5827 tickets.

Alarming isn’t it?

On April 19th, the app Chariot for Women will be launching. Created by a former Uber driver who understood that the app wasn’t safe for women, he created this app to provide rides for women by women drivers. Only ladies and males under the age of 13 can request rides.

There’s a safe word sent to the passenger and if the driver knows the right word, the ride can begin. If she doesn’t know this safe word, the passenger knows not to get in the car.

2% of every fare will be donated to women-focused charities.