This Kiwi-Made Black Gin Sold Out In One Day

If you needed any more evidence that gin was a growing category then look no further than Scapegrace Black, which exhausted it’s first 3 months of supply in one day when it got snaffled up by retailers and consumers around the country.

The brother-in-law duo behind Scapegrace Black, Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin, are delighted with the reception it has received so far.

“We always knew Scapegrace Black was something incredibly special, but to sell out within a day was beyond our wildest expectations,” says Mark Neal.

The real draw for the gin is of course its taste, but what immediately draws crowds is its black hue, which quickly changes to a red or lavender once it’s hit with the tonic.

Now we could talk about the Aronia Berry, Saffron, Pineapple, Butterfly Pea botanicals used, or we could discuss how it actually tastes. On the nose, you’ll get dry earthy notes with juniper and on the palate is has a full bodied florality, with menthol-like crispiness with citrus freshness and a tiny hint of spice.

In 2018, Scapegrace Black’s big brother, Scapegrace Gold, won the World’s Best London Dry Gin trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, the first time a NZ brand has taken the award.

“Scapegrace has always been about challenging the traditional DNA of the gin category and Scapegrace Black is a true representation of that,” says Daniel McLaughlin.

I’m excited to see where their story goes.

For a classic G&T, try Scapegrace Black Gin with East Imperial Tonic Water and Fresh Green Apple Slices


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