This MAY Put You Off Nutella…

I adore Nutella – who doesn’t? (apart from the unfortunate few who are allergic to nuts) It’s amazing with banana on pancakes, great on toast and it’s also a great treat to have from the jar, especially when you’re sad.

Although it’s advertised to be of a somewhat healthy breakfast spread with the angle of having skimed milk and hazelnuts… turns out it ain’t quite so. I mean, we guessed it right? Just read the back of the jar.

A standard 400g jar contains over 227g of sugar. Recently, we’ve been ingrained with information on how the culprit of obesity is hidden sugar, not fat.

Obviously, we’re all still going to enjoy Nutella every so often, because it’s freaking delicious. But just remember that you’ll have to do something to balance all of that sugar out afterwards.


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