This Might Be The Crucial Factor To Why You Can’t Lose Weight

There’s one big factor to losing weight that a lot of people may have overlooked.


According to studies based on a six year period, those who sleep less than 6 hours per night gain up to twice the amount of weight as those who slept 7-8 hours per night.

On top of this, some studies found that those who slept only 5 hours a night had around 73% more likelihood to develop obesity.

As bad as this is, those who sleep a frankly shocking 4 hours a night are at risk of even more, including decreased leptin levels by 18%, (the hormone that tells your brain you’ve had enough to eat), increased ghrelin levels by 28% (the hormone that tells your brain to eat), increased hunger by 24%, increased carb cravings, especially sweets, salty, and starchy high calorie snacks.

According to Russell Sanna, executive director of Harvard’s Division of Sleep Medicine, without adequate sleep “you get fat, sick and stupid.” Concise and apt.

If you need them, here are a few tips to help you get enough sleep:

  • Sleep in complete darkness or as close to it as possible.
  • Do whatever you need to do to stop problem solving things whilst you are lying in bed trying to get to sleep. Reading can help get rid of those thoughts.
  • Avoid using screens for about an hour before bed.
  • Make sure you’re not too hot.
  • Don’t consume caffeine after 1pm.
  • You should go to bed, and wake up, at the same times each day, even on the weekends.
  • Avoid alcohol before bed.
  • Avoid using loud alarm clocks.

Now get out there and sleep like a baby!sleeping-baby

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