This Movie Is The New ‘Gone Girl’ And The Trailer Is A Must See

If Gone Girl left you on the edge of your seat wondering what you just watched, while also wanting to re-watch it immediately – there is a new movie out there that you have to see.

The Girl on the Train is set to be the next big psychological thriller with a stellar cast including our favourite English actress Emily Blunt. Based on the book by Paula Hawkins, it is possible that the movie will give you nightmares!

In the Tate Taylor-directed and Steven Spielberg-produced psychological thriller, we follow the lives of a woman named Rachel (Emily Blunt) as her life intertwines with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) and Megan (Haley Bennet).

With more twists and turns than Gone Girl, the movie is set to do the book justice.

The film comes out late this year, so you have plenty of time to read the book first.