This Smart Mirror Lets you try on Clothes Without Getting Undressed

The next phase of shopping is here. Now you can try clothes on without the drudgery of having to take the ones your currently wearing off.

Now you can quickly cycle through looks with a simple wave of the hand. Smart mirrors are a growing industry and companies are coming up with various different concepts. Hopefully you don’t need to be in a bikini to use the one below.

Some are a little less high tech, and can instead change the colour of what you’re currently wearing, offer split views of two looks you’ve tried on in front of it, or act on a delay, so you can see how you look from the back without straining your neck.

The one problem this doesn’t solve is not knowing what size you’re going to fit, and even if what your wearing is going to be comfortable or not. But one thing’s for sure. The dressing room is going digital.