This Woman Was Deported After Posting a Facebook Post

39 year old Australian Jodi Magi found out just how brutal a prison in Abu Dhabi can really be.

It started after she posted a picture of a car that had double parked over two disabled parking spots near her apartment. Even though the picture contained no identifying marks on it the post still resulted in an anonymous complaint. Magi then got fined for “writing bad words on social media.”

After being called in to the station she was promptly arrested and incarcerated. The conditions were horrendous, she was strip-searched and left in a bare concrete room shackled by her ankles. She details the horrific state of the prison in a follow up Facebook post.

During her “visit” she was exposed to injustices committed to other women inside the prison.

“I have nothing to complain about compared to the vast majority of women I met whose only crime was being poor, marrying the wrong guy, getting pregnant outside of marriage or/and being victims of rampant and systemic police corruption where ‘evidence’, ‘ethics’ and ‘due process’ are unheard of concepts.”

“Among numerous acts of kindness to me, these ladies welcomed me to The Big House with “We are your family now”, gave me a spoon to eat with, found me a blanket and a book to read and even sent me on my way to freedom with snacks in case I got hungry at the airport.”

We’re hoping that only good things will come from the light that’s been cast on this situation.