Try Not To Cry In These Deleted Scenes Of Mrs Doubtfire

Everyone loved Robin Williams, especially for his role as the lovable Mrs Doubtfire. So it is no surprise that when deleted scenes from the 1993 film surfaced everyone flooded to YouTube with tissues nearby.

In case you need a refresher, the movie is about a family going through a messy divorce. The father is forced to dress up as an old woman, Mrs. Doubtfire, in order to see his kids.

The role played to every one of Robin’s strengths: it required a fair amount of physical comedy, a phenomenal vocal range, but most importantly, a ton of heart.

These recently unearthed scenes from the film would have added more to that tragic narrative — and it is hard to watch.

In one scene Robins’ character, as the husband, gets into a fight with his ex wife at his daughter’s spelling bee causing tears and heartfelt declarations of love and family.

The second one, which should have been in the film, fills in some of the holes in the narrative by covering the after-math of the ex-wife finding out Mrs Doubtfire is really her ex-husband.

These latest clips show heartbreaking footage, and bring with them a flood of emotions- both for the movie scenes and the loss of Robin Williams.