Try This Delicious Chocolatey Frappe From Wellness Expert Rachel Grunwell

On a Summery day, there’s nothing like an ice-cold slushy-style drink. And did I mention chocolate? This is sooooo good. To make it extra chocolatey, I sometimes add more high-quality cacao powder. If you don’t have flax-seed oil at hand, then this is still delicious without this ingredient. There are no preservatives in this cup. Just good stuff… 

This nutrient-dense drink will fuel you well and renew you with energy. Say goodbye to the 3pm slump.


Choc Honey Frappe


1 teaspoon Manuka honey 

1 frozen large banana (skin removed)

Pinch vanilla bean powder

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon dark cacao powder

1.5 cups ice

1 teaspoon flax-seed oil  

Pinch salt


Put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Don’t blend it for too long though as you want the drink to be icy. Then pour the thick mixture into a glass. I topped this one with bee pollen. But it’s delicious all on its own without any topping. You can use a straw to slurp up the drink or eat it using a spoon.

Recipe from Rachel Grunwell’s book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness

Rachel is a wellness expert who co-leads the Polynesian Spa’s Mindful Moments retreats where she inspires clients to eat well, move well, think well, live well and sleep well. She shares only science-backed tools that uplift health and happiness levels. Rachel also creates a health-inspired smoothie for the spa’s café each month – so it’s worth dropping by anytime at the spa too for pampering, pool dips and a health-inspired drink.

View the Polynesian Spa website for their menu of therapies, spa passes, etc

Learn more about the 30 nourishing recipes and 30 global experts in Rachel’s book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness 


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