Walking Through War Zone for Peace

Female advocates for disarmament have announced in a conference at the United Nations in New York that come May 24, on International Women’s Day for Peace & Disarmament, that 30 female activists for global peace will be walking across the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea as a “symbolic act for peace”.

Walking through a dangerous space rigged with multiple booby traps, these women definitely deserve to be applauded for their extremely courageous and ambitious mission. Before their current endeavour to end a 62-year long war, May 24th saw women helping Northern Ireland in the 1970s out of political and ethnic tensions and standing up against the horrific Liberian civil conflict in 2003.

Female activists have proved time and time again their determination to see an end to the devastation caused by human conflict, and surely make some of the bravest heroes of our time.