Warm Fuzzies

Get cozy in luxurious sleepwear and snuggly knits, perfect for lazy mornings curled up in bed.

Vase $179 from Citta, Jug $120 and mug $65 by HAY from everyday needs, Plate by John Derian x Astier de Villatte $178 from Tessuti, Jumper $399 by Kowtow
Throw $229 from Leopold Hall, Jumper $425 by Salasai, Wallet $199 from Deadly Ponies, Cushion by KLAY, $150 from Tessuti, Bra $110 and Briefs $55 by Lonely, Scarf $240 by Bess
PJ set (shirt shown) $285 and bed socks $69 by General Sleep, Cup by Hidetoshi Takahashi $93 from everyday needs, Throw $129 from Citta, Cushion by Neeru Kumar $249 from Tessuti
Throw $139 from Leopold Hall, Tray $359 from Citta, Diary by Hightide $54 and French coffee press by Erik Magnussen $209 from everyday needs, Necklace $3459 and ring $1929 by Karen Walker, Jumper $149.99 by Rolla’s
Shirt $359 by Harman Grubisa, Spectacles $159 by Le Specs Optical, Clogs $130 by Birkenstock, Face cloth $6.90 from Citta, Bath salts $30 from Leopold Hall, Saucer by Astier de Villatte $120 from Tessuti, Earring $385 (for a pair) and Hoops $799 by Meadowlark, Wallet $399 by Deadly Ponies,
Cushion $79.90, tray $89.90 and pink candle $24.90 all from Citta, Candle $49 and wick trimmer $29 from Leopold Hall, Incense holders by Japanese Incense $25 and Subtle Bodies $60 from everyday needs, Jumper $365 from Maaike, Bra $110 and Briefs $65 from Lonely.