Watch Amy Schumer drunkely eat Jake Gyllenhaal’s Frozen Cake

We all love Amy Schumer because she’s hilarious and unapologetically herself. During her interview on Late Night With Stephen Colbert, she tells a story about her eating Jake Gyllenhaal’s cake in his freezer and provides proof of it in video form.

Amy and her sister rented out Jake Gyllenhaal’s two-bedroom apartment and obviously searched through every nook and cranny to find any trace of the celebrity’s belongings. In the freezer, she found a really old, frozen birthday cake for Gyllenhaal’s ex-girlfriend. After a wee tipple, one becomes hungry. She was filmed drunkenly eating this huge cake face first like a sandwich. Bless. I’m so glad she included us in her night time tomfoolery.

Jump to 1:33 for the clip.