Watch Kylie Jenner Sing Along To ‘Hollaback Girl’ With Gwen Stefani Live

We ain’t no hollaback girl, well, we might not be but Kylie Jenner is!

Way back before lip-kits, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Tyga, Kylie was like the rest of us, obssessed with Gwen Stefani.

Lucky for her, she was at her concert AND called up on stage. Of course, it was all captured on video for the live DVD. Apparently she had a team search for weeks to find the video, because why do it yourself when you have a team for that kind of thing.

Watch the clip below and feel yourself be transported back to the magical 90s.

Around 4.10 is where the magic happens. Baby Kylie, sporting the signature 90s chucks and sequin bolero, confidently belts out the lyrics while atop a dancer shoulders.

The baby Jenner looks to of had the time of her life, pumping her fists and singing along.