WATCH: This Duck Imprinted On A 5-Year-Old Girl And Thinks She’s Its Mum

Five-year-old Kylie Brown is a mother to a duck. No really, she is.

Steve Hartman, while interviewing Kylie Brown loses it because this whole situation is too adorable and funny to handle.

“I’m his mom,” Kylie tells CBS’s Steve Hartman.

“Well, you’re not really his mom,” Hartman counters.

“Yep, I’m his mom,” Kylie says definitively.

“When did you first find out…” Hartman starts again. “That he was a duck?” Kylie says. Hartman can’t recover from his giggles at the 0:39 point.

Kylie’s parents told WGME that they brought the duckling home “on a whim” and thought, “It lives outside. Maybe we’ll get some eggs from it?”

The duckling imprinted on Kylie and the two have formed an unbreakable bond.