Watch This Eye Cream Banish Dark Circles In SECONDS

Women have battled with the curse of aging and gravity for all that we can remember. We’ve tried to reverse the effects by spending a tonne of our income on a range of products from eye creams, concealers, brighteners, botox, fillers, lifting creams and even plastic surgery. We’ve always yearned for an elixir that will make our sagging, wrinkly, pore-filled skin back to its youthful and flawless finish. Your dreams (or one of them) have come true.

A makeup artist confidant of Byrdie showed them a video where a woman applies a product underneath one of her eyes and and her monstrous under-eye bag shrinks and disappears before your eyes like magic – within a minute! This is next-level mind-boggling – currently picking up the pieces of my exploded brain.

You’re probably wondering, ‘What is this product and where can I get it from? Tell me now.’ The product is called Instantly Ageless by a multi-level marketing company called Jeunesse. The Website describes it as “a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging.”

The revolutionary ingredient that causes this anti-aging effect is argireline. It’s a peptide that “works like botox – without the needles.” It is a tradename for an ingredient called acetyl hexapepide-8. “The company Lipotec, based in Barcelona, Spain, found that this peptide helped destabilizes one of the proteins that causes muscle contractions, like frowning—hence, the “Botox in a bottle” effect.”

It targets areas that have lost elasticity and will restore your skin to its optimum appearance. It’s literally an anti-aging cream.

Like everything, there’s a flip side – it’s short-term. The website says that one vial lasts 2-3 days. However, clinical studies have shown that a 10% concentration of argireline reduced the appearance of wrinkles by 30% over 30 days.

Watch the videos below to see it work in less than 2 minutes.