Watch: Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Inebriated and Violent Passenger

Benjamin Golden, an Orange County user of the mobile app Uber was arrested for public intoxication and assault after he attacked the driver’s face. Edward Caban caught the passenger on tape after he asked him to leave the car as Golden was too drunk to supply directions.

Caban used a can of pepper spray he kept in his car to fend off the Taco Bell brand manager.

Caban told CBS Los Angeles,

“There have been a lot of situations of late that have made me uncomfortable. That’s why I stopped driving [late] at night. But the scary thing is, this happened at the end of my day shift, at 8 o’clock.”

There is no partition between the passengers and drivers in Ubers and have no radio communication with central dispatch. They also have no formal training program or even a FAQs page that tell the drivers what to do in a situation like so.

“[Uber is] impossible to get a hold of [to] try to talk to about these situations. It’s every driver for themselves.”