What Is Really Stopping You From Doing Anything You Want To?

It’s probably you.
Find out how many areas of your life are under contributing to you being the best version of the person you were born to be. There are many things that get in the way of your journey to being successful, but too many people accept these things and become stuck.
If we can all find the energy and time to work on one or two areas and with the help of incremental accumulation, we will feel progressively more empowered, free and able to influence our life and be happy with NO EXCUSES.

Assess yourself:

Write down how happy you are in each area of your life:

  • personal income and financial freedom,
  • personal achievement
  • career and business progress
  • your family and friends: partner, siblings, friends and your children
  • your home and living circumstances
  • your spirituality and sense of soul (this might be religion)
  • your personal growth and learning
  • personal time for yourself
  • relationships, love and sex
  • fitness and health

The areas where you are not happy are likely the areas where your thoughts and actions (inactions) might be the problem. We are only totally free and empowered when we have the courage to make the changes to pursue happiness in all areas of our life.

There may have been an area of life on the list that you could not score easily because you didn’t see it as relevant. I would suggest this is a very important area where you will experience great benefit from any work you do.

You may have thought this was a business coaching column – which it is – but much of our work and business success is affected by how happy we are in the other areas of our life.

I have a business partner, Les Probert, and together we run a boutique coaching business called Toho.co.nz. We attract a high proportion of female clients and we are committed to uncovering new ways to help them tap into their greatest value – themselves.

We offer a life and business planning day with an intent to unpackage everything that isn’t working well. This is the first step in helping them work out how to find happiness where it didn’t previously exist, allowing them to flourish and become unstuck.

To help you work on yourself, in particular any areas that the 10 questions identified, I have given you the key to part of our tool box. These will all require patience, consistency, commitment and I suggest you regularly measure your progress to get the best results.

Tool Box:

  • Learn what your “why” is by analysing what motivates you and what criteria you use when making decisions. Do this by writing down the process you use for a dozen or so decisions in different areas of your life. Also, reading “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek will undoubtedly help.
  • Yoga, meditation and a personal trainer are all things that will support and nourish your health, your heart and your soul. When done in pursuit of “self” they will bring strength and resilience.
  • Create a vision board that includes your aspirations, visual references of goals and motivational quotes. Sit with it and consider it every day for at least 5 minutes. It will assist with belief and focus.
    Write a journal every day. It will flush out fear and help you deal with risk.
  • Use a 90-day plan for you and a separate one for your work. This helps you with clarity and regular strategic planning. This will also be the catalyst for action.
  • Read and research constantly to improve your understanding, intellectual and personal growth.
  • Create opportunities to spend time with people you like, be generous without expectation, communicate your love, needs and desires. Stay in touch with a wide group of existing contacts and
  • Search out new friendships.
  • Create time for yourself. If the only time you are alone is in the toilet, make you your first priority.

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