What is Your Financial Future?

If you have new-found equity in the New Zealand property market you might be asking yourself what is next? Or if you haven’t yet got into the New Zealand property market you might be asking yourself what is next?

Increasing property prices and unmatched rental incomes have made growing a property portfolio within Auckland extremely difficult and risky. So what other options are there for growing a portfolio of investments for you and your family’s future?

One man who know’s better than most is self made millionaire Julio De Laffitte, over the last 20 years he has built up a $50 million empire using clever but simple strategies and over that time with his company, JDL Strategies he has helped hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders also become millionaires.

Earlier this year we traveled with him and some of clients to Antarctica onboard as part of an entrepreneurial think tank to develop new businesses for the Australian and New Zealand economies. After securing their financial futures Julio and many of his clients are now thinking about the next step.

More than making money work in your favour, JDL Strategies encourage plenty of ways to multiply your wealth across a diversity of investments.

The JDL Strategies team will be speaking about financial awareness in Auckland on November 19.

A valuable 2-hour talk on how to make money work for you and not you working for your money.


November 19, 2015
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Registration at 6:30pm

Novotel Auckland, Ellerslie 72-112 Greenlane East, Ellerslie