What Your Cravings Are Really Telling You

Sometimes we crave sweet or savoury foods because our body is telling us it needs something in particular. After researching the cause of her serious sweet tooth, Lauren Conrad wrote on her blog what each craving really meant with helpful healthy alternatives that we can eat.


Assorted Candies, Ranked

When you’re craving sweets

This means your body needs chromium, carbon phosphorous, sulfur and tryptophan. Instead of reaching for a bag of lollies, have fresh fruit, cheese and sweet potato. It also can mean that you’re tired so try and take a nap or reevaluate your daily schedule.



When you’re craving carbs…

Your body needs nitrogen – found in high-protein foods like fish, meat, nuts and beans. Eat a handful of almonds or a black bean burrito bowl.


When you’re craving pizza, french fries and other junk food…

Your body needs calcium. Have a kale salad with steamed broccoli, chicken and cheese.


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When you’re craving caffeine…

Your body needs salt and iron. Eat lean meats and eggs or black cherries. Make an omelet with veggies with a handful of black cherries on the side. It can also mean you’re dehydrated so drink a glass of water before you go for that second coffee.


When your’e craving salty food…

Your body needs chloride. It’s essential for your body to maintain healthy digestion and keep your electrolyte levels in check.  Avoid junk food like potato chips and have goat’s milk yoghurt or fish instead. Make a tuna sandwich or salmon bagel.