Where Should You Be Bathing On The pH Scale?

Will you benefit more from acidic, or alkaline hot mineral bathing?

Hot mineral water bathing has been widely accepted as an effective form of therapy for centuries, with diverse cultures around the world making use of natural hot pools as cures for various ailments.

Polynesian Spa is the only facility in the Southern Hemisphere with access to both acidic and alkaline hot mineral bathing waters. Historically, the acidic Priest Spring was thought to cure arthritis, and the alkaline Rachel Spring waters were once bottled and sold as the fountain of youth itself.

Modern research shows the variety of benefits associated with an acidic soak or an alkaline dip.

Alkaline bathing:

With a pH of higher than 7, alkaline hot water bathing is a popular beauty therapy across the globe. It’s renowned for its cleansing effects on skin, by removing excess oils and dirt. Alkaline water also features the antiseptic action of sodium silicate, which offers the added benefit of nourishing skin and nails as well.

Acidic bathing:

With a pH lower than 7, acidic water has been shown to be an effective form of pain relief for chronic muscle pains. Bathing in hot mineral water can improve pain and support joint movement. Hot water bathing can also help minimise inflammation and swelling and has been shown to boost circulation.

So, take a dip on the pH scale and see if a hot mineral soak is the tranquil treatment the doctor ordered this spring.

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