White and Wong’s Auckland Waterfront Grand Opening

On Wednesday, a group of four of us M2 staff were invited to White and Wong’s Auckland waterfront opening. Located in an ex-wing of the Maritime Museum, White and Wong’s overlooks a serene inlet of the Waitemata Harbour with plenty of parking around the corner and easy access to public transport.

Upon entry, we were offered a champagne and an opportunity to have any coats stored in a cloak room. Moving forward we entered a large bar area with small, private rooms off to the left and individual tables further in. The theme of Asian Fusion was immediately obvious and the attention to detail was imbued throughout the building. The lamps were encased in delicate wooden shades and the wallpaper is striking but not overwhelming. The bathrooms were extravagant, in one word – the walls were made to look like a jungle, with tigers leering from the foliage.

The food – oh the food. Small bowls were offered, containing a range of different meals – from spiced curry tofu to yellowfin tuna sushimi, to wok fried chicken wings and topping it off with salted caramel and peanut ice-cream. We were given smaller helpings than regular service, and even with the slightened servings we were all still comfortably full come sundown.

The bar was open, so a coworker and myself treated ourselves to a Laphroaig single malt whiskey with the servings of meals making the rounds. Music was keeping the cocktail-party vibe going which inevitably led to raised voices and standing a tad closer than you normally would but it was all in good spirits. Everyone was happy to chat which led to a lovely, organic party atmosphere.

Overall the night was a hit, and we definitely recommend White and Wong’s as a shortlist for a date night, or for getting together with friends.