A Whole New Music Experience

For decades, amp technology has been divided into two camps: analog and digital. While analog amps faithfully replicate the orginal signal, they’re power hungry and overheat, causing distortion. Digital amps on the other hand don’t have the same overheating issues, but produce only a digitized approximation of the original signal. While most people resigned themselves to the drawbacks of each system, one company believed that there was a third way. A better way.

Devialet pioneered AHD (analog digital hybrid) technology – pairing an analog amplifier with four enslaved digital amps. The digital amps supply power to the signal while the analog amp corrects and completes the signal they deliver. The result? The best analog sound in the world.

With many patented technologies, Devialet is today the most critically acclaimed product in the History of high-performance audio.

Jaina Capital

When it came time to find backers for this audacious technology, the folk behind Devialet invited around forty entrepreneurs, directors and consultants to spend an evening listening to the amplifier. By the end of the night, they had raised 1.44 million euros. And it didn’t stop with that evening. Bernard Arnault, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Jaina Capital all stepped forward to put their money behind this revolutionary idea.

Now this mould-shattering amp system is available for you to experience – to hear the difference, just go to any of these stores and hear for yourself how music has changed forever.