Why You Should Consider Shutters For Your Next Window Treatment

Whether you are looking to freshen up an existing space or looking to put the finishing touches on a new build, budget is a deciding factor in adding value to your home.

Shutters offer a stately and refined look which helps to lift the overall character and aesthetics of a room. Until now, cost of plantation shutters has put it out of reach of the market for most people, but times have changed, and shutters are now more affordable. In many cases more cost effective than curtains.


One of the best and most popular features of shutters is that you have total flexibility to control the amount of light going into the room whilst still allowing for good airflow. Blinds and curtains only have two modes: open or closed. So, there is either a completely obstructed view with no air flow through the window or no privacy and full air circulation.

In this, shutters offer you the best of both worlds. You can partially shut the louvers when you want privacy (or to block out sun) or you can open them up fully. In either scenario, you will get good air circulation which is especially important in summertime. 

Long Lasting and Great Insulation

Unlike other window furnishings, shutters are made to last (15 Year Manufacturing Warranty on timber and 20 years on PVC) and shutters have better insulating properties than any other window covering because they are made from a thicker material, creating a tighter airspace between the glass and the rest of the room.

Adding Value To Your Home

Shutters have outstanding functional, aesthetic and durability benefits over other types of window furnishings. They are also one of the few window treatments that will add value to you home. Not only will you not need to replace them like curtains and blinds, but the money you spend goes against the value of your home as they are treated as window furnishing. Curtains, blinds, venetians, etc, will add zero value to your home.             


If you live in Auckland, Waikato or Bay of Plenty and you are interested in finding out more, please contact Apollo NZ on the below contact for more information on shutters and quote ‘M2Woman’:

Mark Kendrick

General Manager 

027 5520600


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