Wild Killing Machine Rewrites Nature’s Law As She Takes Baby Baboon As Her Cub

The star of National Geographic’s documentary, Eye of the Leopard, Legadema, has been followed for multiple years in her natural habitat of Okavango Delta of Botswana, also known to be the flourishing flood plain that is Africa’s Garden of Eden. Perhaps mankind can take a page out of this leopard’s motherly and merciful ways. Legadema, the beautiful and enigmatic killer cat, was found dumbstruck after killing the mother primate and arch enemy of the leopard.

Three-and-a-half years old, Legadema was in a transitional stage between a cub and a predator but her maternal instincts kicked in once she was faced with her kill’s one-day-old baby. From the blood-stained and dishevelled pelt of the dead animal moves a tiny infant baboon. To our surprise, the young leopard didn’t silence this weak prey, but protected and nurtured it as if it were her own cub.

As if nature had turned on its head completely.

Holding it by the scruff of its neck, Legadema carried it up high into a tree and cuddled her new kitten overnight. Momentarily forgetting that she was a hunter, the wild cat had rewritten the law of the jungle “as if nature had turned on its head completely.”