Winter Is Coming, Here’s The Best Way To Keep Your Home Warm

Winter is fast on our heels and it’s about time to start thinking about heating. There are a number of options to go with but it’s hard to decide what to go with.

Do heat pumps fit in with the look of your house? Are those little plug in heaters really enough to heat your interiors? Then there are fireplaces, where do you even start with those?


PyroclassicYou start with the Pyroclassic. Hand built by a team down in the Hawkes Bay for the last 30 years. Fireplaces aren’t the sort of thing that immediately spring to mind when you think about colour options. But the Pyroclassic comes in a whole range, meaning you can find anything you like to go with your modern interior or feature wall.


This isn’t just your average industry standard fire bricks using heating system though. The Pyroclassic has more than 40 kilograms of ceramic heat storage capacity, and even has an environmental conscience.

Its air controls completely automatic. This means the fire controls the rate at which oxygen is supplied to the wood fuel, allowing it to maintain the right burn temperatures for a complete secondary combustion (gasification). If you were manually able to dampen the fire down, like with most other wood fires, this is when the real harm is done to the environment as tars and poisonous unburnt gasses are released into the air. So leave it all to the fireplace, it knows how to do its job! This process also has the benefit of keeping the inside pane of glass clean.

The Pyroclassic IV is the only clean air approved fire to provide a 12 hour+ overnight burn.


One more thing you need for a comfortable winter is hot water. The Pyroclassic has you covered here as well, with the ability to add a wetback to the unit. You don’t need to do it immediately upon installation either. Give it a whirl, and then reap the added benefits later when it suits you.


And then of course, you have a stove top ready to go, ready for slow cooking or boiling the kettle. Nothing says cozy like a kettle on top of a roaring fire.

Now try doing all that with a heat pump.

More info about the Pyroclassics here!