Woman Shares All the Creepy Online Messages She Received Over the Past 10 Years

35-year-old LA-based violinist Mia Matsumiya started an Instagram account called the Perv Magnet where she plans to post over 1000 messages she’s archived over the past ten years.

She told Huffington Post, “Being 4’9″, Asian-American, and a musical performer has sort of been a nightmare combination when it comes to harassment — it seems to attract an insane amount of unacceptable, predatory behavior.”

Sexual harrassment is a major issue that pervades our cyber world . People will share the most unacceptable comments, pictures and messages to each other that they would never dream of saying or showing face-to-face. We have grown accustomed to brush off these intolerable comments due to us becoming desensitized and deeming it normal.

“Pretty much most of my life now, I’ve encountered Asian fetishists, pedophiles, stalkers, racists, and who-knows-how-many unsolicited sexual comments,” Matsumiya told The Huffington Post. “It had gotten to the point where someone would send the most scathing, racist, violent thing to me — like rape or death threats — and I would barely have a reaction.”

“As the number of messages grew and grew and 10 years went by like this, that’s when I began crawling out of my desensitization and it hit me that no, this is not okay,”

“I became really angry. It’s absolutely unacceptable to treat anyone this way. People often deny the existence racism or sexism, but I’m pelted with it almost daily and here’s my proof.”

“On the other side of the coin, there are people who think I started this account in order to brag about how many ‘compliments’ I get,”

“I’m guessing these people are the same people delivering these messages, but make no mistake, I don’t take these messages as compliments and never have. In fact, they make me feel objectified, dehumanized, and degraded. I think the more time you spend reading them, you really begin understanding my position.”

Alongside the messages that she has personally received, Matsumiya has started to post the messages submitted by other people.


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