You Can Now Inject Fillers for “Permanent Contouring”

It was one of the biggest beauty trends for the past year but contouring could soon become a thing of the past.

The cosmetic surgeon behind Kylie Jenner’s infamous lip injections, Dr. Simon Ourian, has revealed a new procedure called “Non-surgical Facial Contouring”, where the cheekbones and jawline can be enhanced without makeup.

In an Instagram video, Dr. Ourian is seen giving his patient, Russian TV presenter Victoria Bonya, non-surgical facial contouring using semi-permanent dermal fillers. Despite a little bit of bleeding, the whole procedure looked relatively painless.

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Victoria also got the “Non-surgical Dark Circle Removal” and “Eyelid Lifting”.

Already blessed with naturally sculpted cheekbones, many fans didn’t understand why she needed the cosmetic procedures. But apparently the “lack of volume under the eyes” and “dark circles” were things she struggled with in the past.

See the results below for yourself. Is this “permanent contouring” worth it?

Victoria prior to the non-surgical contouring

Victoria after the non-surgical contouring