You Will Not Believe How Much Gigi Hadid’s Met Gala Manicure Cost

We all accept that an outfit is not complete without a flawless manicure, of course, when you are an ‘It-Girl’ like Gigi Hadid your manicure has to be much more than a simple shellac set.

Gigi sported a 2,000USD manicure, which featured a set of real chrome nails with crystals hidden under the tip courtesy of manicurist Mar y Soul.

Details details.. #NailsByMarySoul @GigiHadid @TommyHilfiger @imgmodels @zayn

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Though it seems Gigi did not feel this warranted her showing the nails off and they are hidden in most of her instagram photos. If this was my manicure it would be up there in every photo.