Your Say: Heather Baker

Heather Baker

I’d name my autobiography:

‘Its amazing what you can achieve in a nice frock’ And I dedicate it to my dad…

To me success means:

For me, I feel a sense of success when I achieve a goal. As a busy working Mum, running Little Angels and managing three kids success can come in all manner of shapes.

Best advice I’ve been given:

In business, surround yourself with people that have different skill set to yourself’

The most rewarding part of my job…

I get my thrills from seeing mums out and about, feeding their precious babies Little Angels products. They know they are buying the best for their babies, and I know these babies are getting it – nothing but the very best goes into all of our recipes.

My goals for 2018 are:

Our main goal is to build on our current success to create an even stronger platform to dominate the baby food category. I want all families in New Zealand to have access to Little Angels products. We’re getting there, but there are still a few more hoops to go through.

The gender stereotype I can’t stand:

I’ve had two lots of brain surgery over the last two years, and after my second surgery I was left with temporary speech and language problems. I was complaining to my dad about no longer being able to express myself during meetings and worrying that people would think I was waffling . My dads comment to me was ‘don’t worry H, as long as you’ve got a nice frock on, no one will even be listening to what you’re saying’ I nearly throttled him, but instead gave him a good verbal blasting! He quickly apologised! I think it’s going to be another generation before things start to get on a more even keel but I think we’re definitely heading in the right direction.

The main challenge for women in business is:

I think it’s hard to find a balance between being assertive and nice. If men are assertive it’s often seen as a positive trait, however, for women it’s still considered bad taste. I like to think I am able to combine being assertive, ladylike and well spoken, all characteristics which has allowed Little Angels to flourish.

We need pay equality because:

I figure if you have equal qualifications and you have equal experience you should get the same pay? Right?
Gender diversity in the workplace is: Having diversity brings an energy to the office unlike anything else. I love it when people say things that I’m not expecting as it always makes for interesting times. So I encourage my team to be themselves at all times.

I advocate for change by never:

Little Angels never uses processed or ingredients that are not in the parents or babies best interests. We never use emotive marketing tricks and all our recipes are based on a combination of World Health Organisation data on babies nutritional needs and tried and tested traditional recipes from around the world.

The change I want to see in 2018:

I would love to see impartial information given to all new parents. It can be an over-whelming experience heading into parenthood and I think it’s really important that parents are able to make choices that is relevant, fair and accessible.