Your Say – Kate Michelmore

I’d name my autobiography…

A Quiet Rebellion

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and I have always questioned the system! I’ve always used my intuition to guide me with heart-centred decisions I’ve made through my career, business and life.

To me success means…

Success isn’t a one size fits all formula and for me it’s the ability and freedom to do what I love every day! Being able to lead and raise up and mentor women in our industry towards their goals. I have a passion for people and seeing their success is a true success for me, knowing that I was part of that journey. To be an inspiration to others and leaving the world a little bit better because of the work that I’ve done in my industry

Best advice I’ve been given…

Listen to your intuition, be still and really let that guide you. Stand in your truth, don’t be ashamed of your voice, even if sometimes it seems over the top. This is your gift. Even if you fail, fail forward and learn from it.

My goals for 2018 are:

Growth + innovating – Continuing to grow and to provide the best possible experiences for our guests. One of the greatest and most interesting things about the beauty industry is that it’s ever-changing – so continuing to grow, innovate and capitalise in an evolving environment is always an exciting challenge.

Education – This year Skinography will offer The Facial Masterclass. An in-depth full-day and multi-day learning experiences that, after 16 years of working around the world have created as part of my mentorship and collaborative skill-building programs. These experiences will focus on innovation in the future of skin health and treatment protocols, inspiring Beauty Therapists across New Zealand. Experiences will include in-clinic visits, facial treatment protocols, skin nutrition and advanced anatomy & physiology, sharing best practices as well as continue to empower and educate

The main challenge for women in business is:

It’s no secret that the beauty and cosmetics industry is geared toward female consumers, men occupy a majority of management positions, including at leading brands. When women don’t have a seat at the management table, consumers and companies alike are negatively impacted. A boardroom should reflect its industry’s core consumer, because having her experience in mind helps creativity and allows for better decision-making overall.

The change I want to see in 2018 is:

In order to create lasting change in this industry and better meet the needs of today’s modern woman by encouraging greater female leadership from the ground up. Women in leadership positions so they can steer brands to develop products and messages that are empowering and helping them to feel good about themselves.

As a baseline, we should demonstrate equality for the sake of our youth. Exhibiting fairness and support for women will reinforce to young people what positive gender dynamics should look like, and will strengthen a foundation for a more unbiased future in generations to come.