If you’re travelling somewhere soon, here’s what you need in your carry on bag

Going on holiday is always fun but the planning and getting to your destination can be a bit stressful! You’re making lists of things you need and worrying about getting everything ready in time when you’ve completely forgotten to take some personal essentials with you for your flight or car journey. Here are some of the things that’s important to include in your carry on bag (and a list that’s already made for you) without stressing about forgetting anything.

Decide on what type of bag you want to take

This is a personal choice and many different bags have different advantages. Backpacks offer the luxury of not having to carry anything but big tote bags hold more items. So it depends on what you personally need to take that will determine what bag is best suited for your travels

Thick socks

Having a pair of thick socks when you’re on the plane or in the car is perfect for those times when your feet are getting a bit cold. Plus you’ll feel a bit more comfortable with something soft over your feet

Noise cancelling headphones

These are good especially when you’re on a long flight and want some peace with your music or to watch a movie. Noise cancelling headphones will also cancel out the annoying buzzing noise on a plane

Chargers for your electronics and a backup portable charger

Depending on what electronics you’re taking with you, make sure to take the chargers for them and a backup portable charger. This is good for when you need to charge your phone but also extra handy when some places don’t have power sources


Choose what you need to take with you. Having an iPad is good for reading any books that you’ve downloaded or watching movies if you’re in the car or on a plane that’s only an hour’s flight or so. If you want none of these, replace it with your fave magazine or book.


Some snacks are always good to have just in case you get peckish or a bit hungry on the flight

Hand sanitiser

It’s important to keep your hands sanitised so that you avoid getting in contact with nasty bacteria and germs (this is also good if there’s no toilet nearby)

Chewing gum or breath mints

Having fresh breath especially if you’re on a long journey is always good. Gum is also meant to help when your ears are popping on planes so it’s good to keep this in your bag

Tiny wallet & other travel documents

Taking your big wallet will take up more space, so invest in a tiny travel size wallet and carry your essential cards with you. Don’t forget your passport!

A little bag of extra essentials

We all need some personal essentials to take with as well in case of emergencies (it’s better to be prepared). Take a toothbrush, tissues, deodorant, lip balm, a mini hair brush, face mist, medicine and touch-up makeup like powder and eyebrow gel

Use this list as your guide to getting you prepared for your travels and add anything else you might need as well! Being organised can give you peace of mind.