Zara to Open First Store in NZ Soon

International fashion label Zara is set to shake up the NZ fashion and retail industry next year as details have been released about it’s first store opening.

Kiwi Property today announced on Scoop that the fashion giant, Zara, will open its first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park, Auckland’s largest shopping centre, in late 2016.

Chief Executive, Chris Gudgeon, said: “The excitement is building for our Sylvia Park shoppers. Zara is known the world over as a leading fashion giant, with more than 2,000 stores in 88 countries. To have secured their first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park is great news for our customers.”

Kiwi Property will invest $11.5 million to accommodate Zara in a new ground level store located in the mid-mall area of the shopping centre.

In October, Kiwi Property announced that H&M would also open its first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park in late 2016.

While a lot of the details are still on the down low, it’s believed that the full Zara range will be available and will offer similiar pricings to it’s other international branches.

I haven’t been this excited since the new Top Shop opened.